Perhaps a friend

The heroes find a new PC

The Wall Breakers headed out to the Krumr Farm in search of a farmer who was last seen talking to Horace’s adventuring party. After meeting Farmer Krumr—who complains about the dead goblins on his land—Zatamba, Rude, and Ulmo find that the goblins have been thoroughly looted. Meanwhile, Daroo Holybrew finds tracks leading into the woods.

The tracks lead to a gorge—on the near side of which is Alek, the monk who had been following the same leads as the party, who was examining the rope bridge that had been cut down from the far side. Alek threw a grappling hook across to bridge the gap and Rude tried to throw him off. Their personal battle was put on pause when three giant ravens saw fresh meat now on their side of the gorge. They were taken care of shortly.



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