Jumping a fence

Wherein the heroes jump a fence

Setting aside their differences, Alek and The Wall Breakers follow the tracks further into the forest where they find a tall fence surrounded area. Alek hops on the fence, then helps the team over a pile of rubble where there’s a break in the wall. It looks like someone smashed their way through. Ulmo hopped over the rubble himself. The heroes found themselves in a rubble-filled yard with pits dotting the ground. Daroo Holybrew spots areas with what look like traps in the ground. Ulmo ignores Daroo Holybrew’s warnings and walks across unharmed to the building sitting on a mound in the middle of the fenced area. Daroo Holybrew leads a single-file line across the field, avoiding any of the traps that he can see. Ulmo hacks at the locked door on the front of the building with his axe and splinters fly everywhere.



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