Jumping a fence
Wherein the heroes jump a fence

Setting aside their differences, Alek and The Wall Breakers follow the tracks further into the forest where they find a tall fence surrounded area. Alek hops on the fence, then helps the team over a pile of rubble where there’s a break in the wall. It looks like someone smashed their way through. Ulmo hopped over the rubble himself. The heroes found themselves in a rubble-filled yard with pits dotting the ground. Daroo Holybrew spots areas with what look like traps in the ground. Ulmo ignores Daroo Holybrew’s warnings and walks across unharmed to the building sitting on a mound in the middle of the fenced area. Daroo Holybrew leads a single-file line across the field, avoiding any of the traps that he can see. Ulmo hacks at the locked door on the front of the building with his axe and splinters fly everywhere.

Perhaps a friend
The heroes find a new PC

The Wall Breakers headed out to the Krumr Farm in search of a farmer who was last seen talking to Horace’s adventuring party. After meeting Farmer Krumr—who complains about the dead goblins on his land—Zatamba, Rude, and Ulmo find that the goblins have been thoroughly looted. Meanwhile, Daroo Holybrew finds tracks leading into the woods.

The tracks lead to a gorge—on the near side of which is Alek, the monk who had been following the same leads as the party, who was examining the rope bridge that had been cut down from the far side. Alek threw a grappling hook across to bridge the gap and Rude tried to throw him off. Their personal battle was put on pause when three giant ravens saw fresh meat now on their side of the gorge. They were taken care of shortly.

Finding a lead
The heroes seek out the other party

The heroes hit the town (Freyborough) looking for information about Horace‘s adventuring party and end up in a tavern. Ulmo attempted a grand entrance and fell through the roof, right on top of the owner. With Zatamba’s expert diplomacy skills, he greets the party with respect and points them to the Farmer Krumr as a person who talked to a similar group of adventurers that match the description given by Horace.

Through the tower
The heroes solve a town's problem.

The Wall Breakers (Daroo Holybrew, Ulmo, Rude, and Zatamba) enter Freyborough for various personal reasons. They cannot complete what they wish to do because the town has gone non-euclidean. Buildings are upside-down and/or inside-out. Townsfolk cower in their homes and many have left.

A mostly unaffected tavern contains Jevit, a githzerai who reveals the origin of the disturbances as the Wizard Tower in the middle of town. He claims that Horace is trapped inside.

The heroes decide they must enter the tower and figure out the problem. Ulmo eventually shatters a crystal in the tower’s lab, and restores time-space to normal.

After un-petrifying Horace, he bids the party go find the adventuring party that sold him his crystal because it was clearly not what he paid them large sums of gold to find. In return, he will give The Wall Breakers a finder’s fee.

The heroes get a description of the party and head out into the town.


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